Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Looking at yesterday's post I think, given my time over again, I probably wouldn't have pointed out the 'it's shorter' bit - looking at it on the screen it still seems long. Too long.

Oh well, thanks to anyone who persevered to the end- as yet no one has stepped forward to be the owl and Saber is still facing the worlds smallest compilation CD as a leaving present.



Ruth Prickett said...

I'm worried about your compilation CD, so think you should include: Charlotte Sometimes (ok, so it's the Cure again, but that's no bad thing and it's a good book); White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush and, if you don't mind going really silly, Tom Lehrer's Oedipus Rex and Cleopatra from Salad Days (it does include the line "the barge she sat on was of burnished gold").
On a different blogging issue, Vic Gatrell taught me at college - if his new book's anything like as good as his tutorials it will be highly entertaining...

julian said...

i'd thought of Charlotte Sometimes but left it off to see if Emma from Snowbooks read our blog- I'm guessing not; so much for that bit of market research.

I didn't list everything i'd thought of but, unbelievably, hadn't thought of these. With two brothers 5 years older than me I'd grown up listening to Grace Slick and I bought Wuthering Heights practically the day it came out (guilty pleasure here- I was, still am, a sucker for Dave Gilmour guitar solos, I even bought Wish You Were Here for my son the day he was born- but I digress!)

Thank you, these two will definitly make it to the CD. As for anything else- I'll keep you posted- no pun intended (actually, that joke's probably illegal by now)

And yes, the Vic Gatrell book looks like an academic book, is as heavy as an academic book but seems to read like the Jane and the Dragon episode about fart gags



Neil said...

How about this pair of literary double-whammies for starters? Bell Jars Away (Sylvia Plath) by Rollerskate Skinny (a metaphor used by JD Salinger in The Catcher in the Rye); and Catweazle (Richard Carpenter) by the Boo Radleys (Harper Lee).

Neil said...

A track from each of the following bands would be appropriate, too: Steppenwolf; The Fall; Veruca Salt (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory); Uriah Heep; and the Doors (of Perception).

julian said...

\i've never heard Bell Jars Away (although I think I should)or catweazle.
If I had a rule it was that the track should be the book reference not the band but the Boo Radleys is such a great name and i'm a big fan of some of their stuff.
But, great name aside, Uriah Heep are out on the grounds that I still know all the words to Gypsy Queen.

My new problem is that I cannot get my 'ion' turntable to work properly- it's meant to download my vinyl. Which could rule out the Hawkwind track, and, yes, this is a problem

Anonymous said...

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