Friday, March 02, 2007

I just looked at this to read what Saber wrote yesterday- and he hasn't! this is no real surprise as he had to look after hoards of children for world book day. I guess he'll tell us all about that later. but as we promised to be good boys and write something most days and we're only up to day 4 I'd better get something down and call it yesterdays post.

I've actually taken 3 days off to build something in my back garden- guess what, eldest child throws up everywhere and can't go to nursery- my day is spend lying on sofa watching kids TV, way too much kids TV. How do you know when you have watched too much kids TV? when you start worrying about the background characters in The Fimbles- are they jealous of Roly Mole having a successful breakout spin off series of his own, are they nice to him hoping to get a coveted guest spot on his show etc etc

Fleeing from the tv I picked up a book to surreptitiously read and realised I'd probably be going to Iceland in the next year or two. The link, well my last few holidays have been to Southwold, Venice, Ystad, Edingburgh (well Glasgow but we went to Edinburgh for the day so why spoil a perfectly good train of thought) , Dartmoor and I'm hoping to go to Sciliy soon. The book I picked up 'Silence of the Grave' by Arnaldur Indridason a crime novel set in Reykjavik that I'd been meaning to read for a while. The pitifully few pages I was allowed to read seem pretty good and I'm looking forward to the second chapter!

The sun is shining and Arran has just gone to nursery- the garden awaits


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