Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Late Shifts

I've just tweaked the blog layout so that our customers can see what signings/signed books we have coming up. It's the kind of tweaking I would never manage to do so quickly during the daytime as I would inevitably have to answer a query, the telephone, tell someone that we don't sell stationery or stamps etc, shelve some books...
I can do it now because I'm on the late shift (which finishes at ten o'clock). While I hate working the late shift, it does mean that I can get a lot of the fiddly work stuff done. And that I can stay at home in the morning and wait for the electrician to come and fix my boiler so that I can finally have a warm shower. Or just have a lie-in. Or even on on a good day, I might even have gone for a wander and ended up in a museum. Or not. But working on a late shift gives you a flexibility that a normal nine to five job doesn't.
(A normal nine to five job would mean that I would never ever have to work weekends...).

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