Monday, March 26, 2007

re last post

several people have asked how was Saber's leaving do and I know others are curious- well Stuart managed to be 2 hours late for work and although I arrived for 9.30 start (just) by lunch time I was reduced to my no. 1 fallback hangover cure i.e 2 solpadine plus hair of the dog- I guess it was an ok night. (Hanway street was certainly involved)

I did the CD but have forgotten the running order so Saber, if you're reading this could you post the track list.
Also, if we're lucky, Saber might show us the real 'last post' which I know runs to about 4,000 words but haven't seen- so if we all wish very hard......


saber said...

I had a really nice time.

Anyway the running order for the cd Julian compiled for me is:

Bowie: A new career in a new town
Joy Division: Atrocity Exhibition
Arcade Fire: Neon Bible
Simple Kid: Self-Help Book
Libertines: the man who would be king
Fairport Convention: Book song
Dylan: My back pages
John Barry - the IPCRESS file
Leonard Cohen: Villanelle for our Time
Jeferson Airplane: White rabbit
Mervury Rev: the Dark is Rising
Handsome Family: Weightless Again
Kate Bush: Wutherign Heights
Liza Minelli: Maybe this Time
Air: Suicde Underground
Leonard Cohen: Hey, Tha's no Way to Say Goodbye
Rod Stewart : Ooh la la
The Specials: Guns of Navarone

As you can see, and I can hear, quite special, though I've only listened to it all the way through 3 times so far (I tend to believe that if someone's gone to the effort of making a compilation, they've chosen the tracks to go in a certain order, and Julian seems to follow that rule).

Thanks to everyone who came. I will see you all some time soon.

saber x

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